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On the Road to Financial Wellness, Lifetime Income is Key

It’s no secret financially secure employees are less distracted, more engaged and more likely to retire on time. This effect – called the “wellness effect” – happens when employers take a holistic approach to putting financial security within reach for all employees. However, financial wellness can’t be achieved without proper plan design, and in-plan guaranteed lifetime income is a key component to ensure a smooth road to retirement.

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The Ease of Automation and Guaranteed Lifetime Income

Prudential Retirement surveyed plan participants across the country on how they truly feel about some much-talked-about plan design features. This paper takes an in-depth look at these findings and suggest several ways plan sponsors can collaborate with intermediaries and product providers to better meet participant needs and expectations.

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Better Participant Outcomes through In-Plan Guaranteed Retirement Income

This research report explores how the introduction of guaranteed retirement income options within defined contribution plans has impacted participant behavior.

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Bring Your Challenges: Shift from DB to DC Challenge

Among the roughly 50% of private-sector workers with access to any type of workplace retirement plan, the percentage covered by a defined benefit (DB) plan has fallen from 83% in 1980 to 31 percent in 2008.1 But plan innovations offer new ways of tackling retirement income security. 

What Employers Lose in the Shift from Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution Plans . . . and How to Get It Back

Now individuals have more responsibility to generate a stream of retirement income. Consequently, the growing number of workers delaying retirement due to financial concerns has the potential to create workforce management challenges for employers. Fortunately, there are new solutions that can help.

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Bring Your Challenges: Innovation for an Age of New Risks

Today, Americans working hard to save and invest for their retirements need different products and different solutions that represent “responsible” innovations. These need to be meaningful innovations that are not reflective of the “flavor of the day,” but rather have sustainability over time.


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Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the insurance company and are subject to certain limitations, terms and conditions. Withdrawals or transfers (other than transfers between IncomeFlex Target Funds) proportionately reduce guaranteed values prior to locking in. After lock-in, withdrawals in excess of the lifetime annual withdrawal amount will reduce future guaranteed withdrawals proportionately.